4 Amazing Tips to Follow While Remodeling Your Bathroom at a Budget

4 Amazing Tips to Follow While Remodeling Your Bathroom at a Budget

Do you have ideas on how to save some bucks on your bathroom remodeling? Bathroom renovation is one of the enormous investments in a home. Not only does it augment the home value, but it also brings along a sense of fulfillment. Bathrooms stand among the most frequented rooms and play a significant role in personal welfare. When one wakes up, the first place we run to is the bathroom for a quick shower as we rush out. After a long tiring day, a deep spa treat soothes the tiredness away. Such lavishness requires a tranquil and relaxing bathroom. However, comfort requires one to dig deeper into the pockets. A standard remodel would not cost less than $10,000, while a posh one goes for around $ 25,000. These figures go beyond most people's reach. But that does not mean that one should not enjoy the luxury that comes with a bathroom renovation. By cutting some corners, one can get their dream bathroom within a short time. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

Buy Recycled

If you plan to replace your fixtures and showers, visit the recycled shops. Some of these shops sell used doors, tubs, and sinks still in good condition. Get artistic and modify some of the fabulous accessories you come across. For instance, you can repaint old Tupperware and convert them into beautiful hanging lanterns. Think about repainting that rusted metal shelf to hold folded towels. The good thing about visiting a vintage shop is that you get spoiled for choice while saving some coins.

Save the Environment

When budgeting for your bathroom remodeling, keep the environment in mind. While minimal flow toilets and shower conserves water, they cost much less too. Try to come with innovative ideas to avoid spending more. For instance, you can use some of your old plastic cans and change them into soap holders. Go green by growing plants in some of these containers instead of buying new ones.

Cut Cost on the Countertops

One of the most common bathroom trends is the use of granite slabs. The expensive ones come in neutral tones like brown and tan. To get the same granite look at a lower price, you can opt for other colors. Buy a couple with imperfections and combine with the faultless ones. If you get a reliable expert, they can fix the imperfect ones less noticeably. You can also opt for cheaper options like glass mosaic.

Save on your Tiles

Tile remains among the most expensive accessories in bathroom remodeling. To cut down the cost, fix them on high impact areas like the floor and leave the walls bare. You can opt to paint the walls and fix the tiles in one horizontal line across the wall. If your heart settles on tiles all over, get a cheaper version. Try to get artistic by combining inexpensive and classy ones for more appeal. With this approach, you will save some dollars for the same elegant look.