3 Ideas Driving Kitchen and Bath Design Today

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination. The most frequently remodeled rooms in homes today are the bathroom and the kitchen. While achieving a more modern appearance is one motivating factor in redoing these rooms, homeowners are also concerned with making bathrooms and kitchens more comfortable and accessible. To that end, many designers are focusing on three main ideas: – Streamlining – Spa-like atmosphere – Aging in place Streamlining Streamlining is all about function and flow. Kitchens and bathrooms both have specific functions, and streamlining takes that into consideration by providing easy access to the most used items. Because both rooms are high traffic areas, flow is also important. By eliminating hard corners on counters and islands and including a directional flooring (such as one with a diamond or herringbone pattern), traffic moves more seamlessly through the area.  Essentially, streamlining removes bulk from living spaces to improve function and flow. Spa-like Atmosphere In today’s hustle and bustle environment, a few seconds of me-time in a relaxing setting is a sanity saver. Including simple, calming elements in your remodel can produce just such a stress-reducing environment. Warm colors in the kitchen and cool colors in the bathroom along with simple designs or patterns create a calming, restorative atmosphere that can prepare you to face another day of hustle and bustle. Aging in Place More and more homeowners are taking into consideration the aging process in their remodeling designs. Raising the toilet height and adding safety bars doesn’t mean an institutional-looking bathroom. Replacing an old toilet with a taller model and adding a ceramic grab bar to the shower or tub can help you retain a modern appearance without compromising safety in the future. Adding pull-out shelves to kitchen cabinets provides easy access to the items in the back for everyone regardless of age. The experienced designers at Kitchen Central will help you visualize and create your perfect space for today and for the future.