Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Unique, Custom-Made Kitchen Remodel Ideas

From a high level perspective, a kitchen remodel project is not overly challenging.

Find the right floor plan, choose appropriate countertops, cabinets, and a kitchen island that suits the space, and then use the right materials to complete that aesthetic that you’re aiming for. The problem is that even with all of this taken into account, you still won’t be left with a truly custom kitchen.

A unique kitchen incorporates elements that are uncommon, or sometimes uses different styles from periods that come together to form transitional style. Custom means different, and tailored towards your needs and inherent sense of style. A custom kitchen has personality, and you’ll enjoy your kitchen much more when it doesn’t look like it came straight out of the pages of the latest kitchen design catalogue.

By paying attention to some of the smaller details, you’ll be able to inject your personality into your new kitchen, resulting in a kitchen remodel that is uniquely yours.

Uncommon Colors Can Be Used to Great Effect

Color can influence mood, create the impression of a specific style or era, and provide a contrasting or complementary aesthetic that allows your kitchen to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home. When you want the custom kitchen look with plenty of personality, then bold or uncommon color choices are worth considering.

Professional kitchen remodelers in Austin TX. can provide guidance on color, allowing you to keep things in perspective with your original vision. Colors shouldn’t appear garish and they shouldn’t feel jarring when you enter the kitchen from another area of the home.

It’s becoming more common to see pastel colors used in kitchens, as well as bold bright colors like teal and sunflower yellow. It ultimately comes down to what you find visually appealing, and what works with your other remodel choices. Wood cabinetry finished in bold colors can create a unique Mediterranean or summer inspired look and feel.

Color can also be used in the form of decorative tiles on walls and splash backs. Elaborate tile mosaics often work well for Spanish and North African inspired kitchens.

Pendant Lighting Can Be Used to Bring Focus to a Kitchen Island

Lighting is critical when you are planning a kitchen remodel in Austin TX. Light creates space, it can add a sense of warmth, and it serves a basic functional purpose. When you consider lighting for your kitchen, don’t limit your choices to general illumination for the whole room. Pendant lighting can be used throughout your kitchen to add a custom look, and this style is especially effective for lighting a kitchen island.

Feature pendants above your kitchen island will draw attention to the center of the kitchen, and they also provide necessary light on the most used preparation surface. The best pendants to use above a kitchen are those that provide targeted light. Target lighting only directs light downwards, and this is exactly what you want for the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Be aware that target lighting can sometimes appear excessively bright, particularly when casually dining or entertaining at your kitchen island. A dimmer switch will be essential so that you can adjust pendant lighting depending on what you’re using the island for.

Pendants come in a variety of styles, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your overall theme. Stainless steel, brushed steel, and other metal pendants work well in contemporary kitchens. Designer pendants in the style of wrought iron can be perfect for traditional kitchens, and stained glass pendants are suitable for a number of styles.

Molding can Dramatically Improve the Aesthetic of Your Kitchen

Standard molding serves a purpose and can improve the look of a functional kitchen, but, if it’s within your budget, then elaborate custom molding can take things to the next level. Contemporary kitchen designs sometimes follow clean lines to excess, eliminating the benefits that you can get from traditional molding.

Molding can complement and enhance your cabinet design, and something as simple as incorporating classically styled molding can help you to achieve a transitional style in a predominantly modern home.

Crown molding is the most basic style which follows a flared pattern to meet the roof. Basic crown styles are shallow and functional, but aren’t exactly inspiring. High ceilings can benefit from stacked crown molding, where layers of molding are used to create more depth and a much more impressive look.

Stepped crown molding is another variation on tradition, where the design will use layers of varying height and depth. It’s not the most common style to see in a kitchen, but it creates a luxurious and dramatic look that would be fit for a home where you want to showcase your creativity and sense of style.

For kitchens with complex layouts, it’s possible to combine subordinate and dominant crowns. Dominant molding refers to the larger or more elaborate molding that is used, whereas subordinate molding is less pronounced and will usually be shallower in depth. Combining the two can create subtle contrast that will be appreciated by anyone with an eye for detail. Cosmetic corbels can also be used to further enhance the custom look.

Custom Designs Based on Your Concept and Vision

We’ve only touched on what’s possible when you think outside of the mainstream boundaries of kitchen design. Not everyone’s idea of a custom kitchen will be extravagant or bold, and the only person who can decide on the ‘best’ aesthetic is you.

Your home should reflect your vision, which is why it’s essential to work with kitchen planners who don’t force their own concepts upon you. With Kitchen Central, designers and project managers will provide expertise and guidance that allows you to come to your own decisions. We work for you, and your vision always comes first.

Start planning your kitchen remodel in Austin TX. today.